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Own Projects

We actually just wanted ONE nice ride for our garage… but then ended up enjoying it so much that we decided to build a business to spread the love for Porsche tractors. Buy one of the beauties we have in stock/ in the restoration pipeline.

Motor Refurbishment

One of the biggest challenges we encountered is the refurbishment of engines. We have seen it all – broken pistons, deformed rods, exploded cylinders. Besides of brand new spare parts we also have experts at hand to regrind engine parts.

Customer Restorations

We made fans! Once the first few of our own projects were delivered more and more people asked us if we could restore their own tractors. We loved the idea of making more people happy and kick-started our Restoration-as-a-Service.


Some parts are always broken, other parts are just really hard to get hold of, and sometimes this or that we could produce ourselves at better quality and with smarter fit-for-purpose execution. Thus, we started buying machines and finding local expert partners to become the master of our own destiny.

We speak 🇩🇪 German 🇳🇱 Dutch 🇬🇧 English 🇲🇽 Spanish and 🇵🇱 Polish.

Alive and kicking


Project #5 ✅  🎉

329 - Ready to hit the road!

Goodies for the workshop 😍

New enamel sign for our workshop.

Project #3 ✅  🎉

308N - Ready to hit the road!

Workshop construction kick-off

Winter is over 👷

New Brand Style

We are excited 😍

Porsche & Allgaier

The Brands



Allgaier was founded in 1906 by Erwin Allgaier and his brother Oskar. The company was specialized in pressed and stamped parts as well as the associated tools. In 1945 the company decided to develop a tractor for agricultural development. Carl Kaeble, Erwin’s father-in-law supplied the engines and the first tractors hit the fields in 1947. By 1950 the company had sold over 1,000 units.

Already in 1949 the Allgaiers started cooperating with Prof. Porsche, who had pursued the “Volkstraktor” before WWII.

Porsche started producing the Allgaier system in 1949. Following that the production was moved to the former Dornier aircraft manufacturer’s site new Friedrichshafen. In 1955 the Allgaier family sold the tractor production as a whole to Porsche-Diesel-Motorenbau GmbH, which then belonged to the Mannesmann Group.



In 1937, the German Arbeitsfront commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to develop a small agricultural tractor in order to motorise the vastly manual agricultural sector.
The tractor should be designed for mass production, inexpensive to purchase and maintain, robust and easy to operate. Due to WWII only prototypes were built.

In 1949 Porsche began cooperating with Allgaier to use their modular system in mass production. From 1955 the tractors were manufactured by the Porsche-Diesel-Motorenbau GmbH, which was part of the Mannesmann Group, who took over Allgaier’s tractor business unit. In 1962, MAN’s tractor division was merged with that of Porsche. In 1963 the tractor division of Porsche was sold to Renault.

The production of the tractors was stopped on July 15, 1963 at a total of nearly 120.000 produced units.

Porsche & Allgaier Tractors

Restored to Perfection

Restored with love and greatest attention to details to create “better than new” collector’s items.

Highest quality parts are used to restore our tractors. Our team consists of experts and passionate tractor motorists.

Our tractors are not built for museums. We love taking them for a spin to the bakery.

Sneak Peak

Explore our Project Pipeline

Reservations possible. We ship globally. Drop us a line to ask for possibilities: info@vintage-tractors.com

The Graveyard

We are not short of project tractors 😇

We typically hold an inventory of ~15 tractors in our restoration queue. Most of them are Porsche, few Allgaier, and 1 Hanomag for our own garage. A variety of Junior, Standard, Super, as well as a 419 Master. Let us know which one you ❤️