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If you need to get a job done properly, you need to do it yourself. We have experimented with several service partners to refurbish our engines – and were disappointed by the quality of the job every time. Considering the hefty price tag of service partners we decided to buy the machines to do the job ourselves in order to meet our own expectations.

We offer engine overhauls for Porsche Diesel tractors (Allgaier Porsche System) at a fixed price for all models from the 1-cylinder Junior to the 4-cylinder Master. You receive a one-year warranty on our work and the new parts. We only need 2 months from collection to delivery. You are welcome to deliver your engine to us yourself or request us to pick it up.

The only requirement: the engine block is undamaged and the cylinder heads are usable, i.e. not cracked or warped.

Following works will be done:


EUR 3.900 + VAT


EUR 4.900 + VAT


EUR 5.600 + VAT


EUR 6.900 + VAT

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