Goodies for the workshop 😍

New enamel sign for our workshop.

Project #3 ✅  🎉

308N - Ready to hit the road!

Workshop construction kick-off

Winter is over 👷

New Brand Style

We are excited 😍

Overdrive for our 308N

We are upgrading the 308N with an overdrive gear (aka: Schnellgang). This should get us to ~40 km/h and ready for the quarter mile drag race. 🏎️💨💨💨

Project #2 ✅ 🎉

Allgaier AP22 - Project #2 - has been completed!

Project #1 ✅ 🎉

Ready to hit the road!

New Workshop 👨🏻‍🔧 🚧

After the winter we will start building the new DIY workshop.

New Toys – 2 x 329 Super Export

We have acquired 2 "new" Super Export which will be added to the restoration queue ❤️