The Workshop


The Workshop

Our workshop is domiciled in the backyard of a local industrial company. Hence, we have the space and tools to get the job done at scale. The team has vast experience with all types of agricultural and production machinery as well as heavy duty vehicles.

All vehicles are being fully disassembled and every single screw is being unscrewed. Afterwards, all engine and gear box parts are being checked and will either be refurbished in-house or replaced – we were not satisfied with the quality of engine refurbishment which we encountered in the market and decided DIY eventually prevails if we want to meet our premium standards 🧑‍🔧

To get started we have build our own sandblasting chamber where high quality granules are used to blast all parts. The paint job is done by 3 different local painting specialists.

Thus far the vehicle assembly was done in a small barn. However, currently there are more than 50 tractors in the restoration pipeline. Hence, we started phase 1 of our expansion project and have built an assembly workshop. More to follow #TimeIsTheEnemy


Spare & Replacement Parts

Our goal is always to work towards a grade level 1 according to the German TüV. Wherever possible we try to preserve original parts of the vehicle. Often we find specific chassis, mechanical, or electrical parts have outlived their time and cannot be saved, but need replacement. We have managed to source suppliers who produce specific parts in mini series with pure craftsmanship and attention to preserve the original build quality.

Here some examples of the parts we use to deliver premium collector’s items:


Paint Job

The paint job is one of the most crucial elements of the  restoration – and one where we invest time and material to deliver the best result. We work with 3 different painting specialists for different parts of the tractor – the body, the engine and gearbox metal, as well as the coating of wheels. In combination this achieves the maximum restoration quality.

The extra Mile


To preserve the expensive 2k paint, all tractors are being foiled – which is especially difficult due to the form of the bonnet. Fortunately, we found a specialist partner who shares our passion and loves a challenge.

Verifiable Quality

Stamped and Signed

When we say “better than new” we mean it 🤓 Each tractor goes to a tire camber measurement. Furthermore, we take all tractors to the German TüV in Frankfurt and to an independent auditor (SSH Sachverständige). All relevant documents can of course be shared upon request – just drop us a line via email.

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