The red nose in its timeless design is the flagship for Porsche Diesel tractors. Perfectly restored and in combination with the fenders and cockpit, the Porsche Diesel tractor is a real gem. We offer all metal work on your Porsche tractor.

We restore the sheet metal parts, reinforce hoods and fenders or, for example, install rear seats made in-house. After the rough welding work, the sheet metal parts are tinned, sanded, primed and painted in the original colors. We use 2K car paint for all large sheet metal parts. Rims and heavily used parts, such as pedals, are powder-coated. Finally, the typical “Porsche Diesel” lettering made of polished aluminum is attached. The perfect appearance of the Porsche Diesel or Allgaier tractor is ready.

We can restore any hood or fender. This means your Porsche Diesel always remains an original piece of art.

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